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About me

Meet Courtney!

As a child, I was drawn to the dramatic.  I loved romance, history, families steeped in tradition…oh and James Dean. Yes. That was me. The 11 year-old girl with a James Dean doll in her room.  I was the kid who sat on the couch next to her mother watching Clark Gable movies on AMC rather than watching whatever new teen blockbuster hit was on tv. I was always an old soul and I continue to be so, even as I age. I love heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, tear-inducing, deeply sentimental songs, images and movies. This love is ever-present in my photographic style and quality. It is as much a part of who I am as the heart inside of my chest. I am a storyteller whose quill stands ready to tell the story of your family (or a camera filled with digital cards, but the quill sounds much more romantic—don’t you agree)?

In 2006 my Father-In-Law handed me his camera and I set off on a journey to understand it. I wanted to create things…incredible, beautiful, story-telling moments that people could cherish and hold on to for years to come. I wanted them to walk by a framed image and recall the moment the shutter was pressed and smile as they continued past. Memories are something that we can all hold on to and often times they are all we have left of a loved one. That is why I have chosen to devote so much of my heart and my life to the art of photography. I love capturing natural laughter, honest moments and true sentiments between loved ones. Connecting with my client’s on this level creates images that tell the true story of the love you share!

I have been photographing families and children for 11 years and in that time I have been given precious glimpses into some of the most beautiful lives. These individuals and families have become dear friends to me and I am honored to watch their love, families and children grow before my very eyes. It is my true hope that this devotion shows in each and every image I create. Thank you so much for allowing me the continued opportunity to capture these precious times in your life!